Choose: to live.

Be glad for your choices in life. Rejoice in your ability to choose. The choices you make every hour of every day of every week of every year are the embodiment of the natural liberty granted to you by nature. Each choice you make shapes your life and who you are. To abandon your choices to those of others is to abandon you and your being to those who make the choices.

If a single person were to attempt to make the choices in your life for you, would you like the outcome? Someone without your feelings and without your memories, someone without your experiences and without your imagination, someone without your aspirations and without your desires. How agreeable would you be with your life? Would you not prefer to make the choices for yourself? Of course! You are the best informed person on your own life. You can make better decisions regarding your life than anyone else. So, if a single person is unable to make the choices for your life better than yourself, what makes you think a multitude could do a better job? You may say, “But it cannot! And I do not!”.

I do not believe you.

Each day, all around me, in the flurry of the train, amidst the masses on the street, throughout the the bounds of the internet, and in the silence of my mind, I hear the enduring cry for a renouncement of decisions and an abdication from responsibility.

Make all those decisions presented to you because through decisions you impact the world around you. The more decisions you make the greater your impact on the world, but be warned. Do not make decisions for others as doing so is a violation of their freedom, of which their decisions are the manifestation, and is a corroboration of their attempted servitude. Do not take part in a system of self-immolation and gradual consolidation of decision-making power realized by purposeful renouncement by a person of their own liberty. Hold each other responsible for each other’s life, and do not hold anyone else responsible for your life.

To exercise your liberty, making decisions, is to live. The greater the decisions you give to others, the greater your loss of life. Choose: to live.


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