What is “better”?

Sorry for the hiatus, but I’m back. I’ll post a quote later today. Here is my conclusion regarding my posts on choices. I’ll have another topic soon.

Hello again. I will be continuing with my discussion regarding choices. Last time I discussed what I meant by, and how I concluded that, “There is an answer that is right or best in every decision.” (See On Choices) This time I will more fully explain how more choices = better choices.

So, the most important word in the statement, “More choices are better choices.” is better. By what measure are more choices superior to fewer choices? Why is it that the goodness of more choices surpasses the goodness of fewer choice? Is having more choices better than having fewer choices because of the outcome? Is it better because of the inherent goodness or badness of choices? Is it that freedom, being the ability to choose, is inherently good and more choices provide more freedom? Well, I think the most important question here is: how is it that we determine what is good or what is bad?

So, I wrote that bit above soon after my last actual post but got stuck and left it for a while, too long in fact. However, I did think of something so I’ll describe that below.

If we are goal-directed, as discussed last time, then having more choices will allow us to more effectively reach those goals. I don’t know about you but reaching goals seems like a good thing to me. Maybe you don’t think so, or maybe you think it is dependent upon the goal but I’d say that reaching a goal itself is good to some extent regardless of the goal.

Basically, if you have more choices, you will be in a position to more effectively reach your goals in life, and therefore more choices are better than fewer choices. Do with that information what you will.


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